EPM - Julian Sado

Julian Sado

EVP Learning & Development
Julian Sado is the EVP of Learning & Development. He is an Author, National Speaker, Licensed NLP Practitioner, and Behavioral Coach-SNLP, CLC, CEIC. Known for his diverse background, from Talent Agent, fitness business owner, to working as a consultant and Leader within Retail and Wholesale lending. Julian brings 23+ years experience increasing enterprise-wide learning and development initiatives, change management, and process flow rollouts. Prior to joining EPM, Julian owned a Executive consulting company, Pivot 2 Change, LLC focusing on subconscious behaviors that impacts employee morale, retention, and sales/service development. Julian has done work on poverty and psychology for UCLA, and is an on-going student of Dr. Joe Dispenza progressive workshops on neuroscience. He is also an Alumni of the Executive Coaching University and a member of the American Hypnosis Association. In his spare time, Julian enjoys reading, studying neuroscience, mind-science, writing, kickboxing, and teaching seminars on human behavior and potential.