Planning For Growth

Oct 10, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


As we head into the end of the year and our Q4 planning, we’re going to be focused on building momentum for 2023. When we look at our growth strategy for the future, our executive focus is to take advantage of opportunities that exist in the market to bring growth. We plan to do this by increasing and updating automation and tech capabilities, growing and fostering our team and culture, and continuing to build momentum as we head into 2023.

Advancing Our Tech and Automation

We believe that taking tech and automation to the next level is a great goal heading into 2023

Tech can provide the support our teams need going forward to face the changes, challenges, and opportunities ahead. That means we have to work with transparency and clear communication of our vision to increase adaptability, so our organization is empowered to adjust to product rollout and embrace change.

As we continue to improve our capabilities, we also intend to address the human side of the virtual workplace by increasing the ability of our virtual teams to access the bigger picture regarding tech integrations. It’s an ongoing goal to maximize the interactivity of our virtual teams as much as possible, so we don’t lose the valuable connections our culture relies on.

Empowering our Internal and External Communities

Having real skin in the game dictates our ultimate performance. That goes for consumers, and it goes for our teams. We take an unconventional approach to serving our consumers because when we look at the data, we know that many of the communities that EPM serve simply want it more. They are invested in their success and have proven to be consumers we can bet on.

The same goes for our team members. We aim to bring and nurture the people who are invested in our culture and vision of the future and those who recognize how important the gift of homeownership truly is. We’re invested in those who see this as a career and lifestyle, not a job. Because they want to empower our communities, we’re investing in their future within the company to build a stronger EPM for tomorrow.

Build momentum for continued growth in 2023

When we look at the future of EPM, there’s an energy around our industry and organization that we have taken advantage of, so we have proactively positioned ourselves to grow. The way our teams are invested in leveling up—and our new members benefit us with novel perspectives and strong connections to our culture and vision— gives us opportunities that other organizations aren’t as lucky to possess.

Our strategic plan for new launches in 2023 is coming out soon, and we are experiencing an uptick in buying where others are contracting. That means we can ensure that those representing EPM are a culture fit– since we benefit from the selection. We can turn down more people than we accept, ensuring we are protecting the culture and promoting the vision while adding new perspectives and strength to our numbers.

We’ve always believed that settling for mediocrity is our biggest threat. We are committed to never settling and always growing a little bit better every day, seeing obstacles as opportunities, and lifting others so we can grow the organization together.