Strength in Resilience: Batting .350

Dec 1, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


Resilience is all about how you get back up after you learn from your mistakes. Whether it’s about embracing conflict or accepting struggle and getting up and moving forward– learning from mistakes is how we improve and win as an organization. As a sports fan, I always think baseball is the perfect example of a strong leadership culture. No other sport celebrates failure so much. It’s the only sport where it’s okay if you don’t get a hit.

As an organization, EPM celebrates “batting .350”. While many see a 35% success rate as a lack of achievement, we recognize the greatness behind it. Everybody who comes to bat will face obstacles. Obstacles become excuses for losers and opportunities for winners. If you see the opportunity to learn and grow, then stepping up to bat is never a failure.

Building a stronger team and organization by batting .350

Using baseball as an analogy, when most come up to bat and make contact, but don’t complete the hit, they eventually quit the game. In baseball, batting above .350 is reserved for the legends— those who fail 65% of the time and choose to keep going, keep learning, and rely on the team, even though many in the sport won’t rise to the challenge.

The toughest part of leadership isn’t showing up and coming up to bat; it’s getting out of our own way by working on ourselves and understanding more about the message we are leaving out there for others with our actions and words. We celebrate the opportunity to learn from each other and improve. We’re not celebrating failure, we’re celebrating the lessons— the perspective and the path forward that comes from each attempt at bat.

Just like a baseball team, our success doesn’t ride on one or two “greats”. It takes the work of many. It takes trying, failing, and getting back up with something you’ve learned.

Leveraging the strength to step up to the plate

We want to create an environment where we celebrate the creativity, leadership, and perseverance it takes to bat .350. Stepping up to the plate is vital, whether or not you make contact, let alone hit a home run. But when we come together, work through the strikeouts, and make a hit,  we could take the first step in a grand slam that you can only pull off with the team. And your team can only pull off the W with your presence, persistence, and follow-through.

In leadership- Batting .350 empowers others and allows you to lift others and accept their contributions. We celebrate those who had the courage to step up to the plate, even if it didn’t get fully realized, even if it didn’t go the way we planned, but because we were taking the opportunity to teach others, show the way and not expect perfection. Our job as leaders is to encourage others to keep coming up to bat, learning, adjusting, and bringing people together to move the needle forward toward our success.