Using The American Gift to Empower People More

Mar 17, 2022 | Blog, Mortgage


EPM is a Proud Partner of Jesse Iwuji Motorsports

EPM is all about driving relationships, driving empowerment, and driving opportunity throughout our communities. In recent years, we have begun collaborative partnerships with several public figures, especially in the American sports arena, in order to strengthen our vision and message throughout the communities we serve. What better way to drive that vision than to partner with Jesse Iwuji Motorsports in 2022?

Jesse Iwuji represents and connects with everything EPM stands for.  A former Division 1A NAVY football player, a military officer, and NASCAR driver, he stands out as a man who reaches for greatness. Not only that, but his dedication to breaking barriers and creating opportunities for others to achieve greatness, as well makes it an easy choice for EPM to partner together and become a founding sponsor of his NASCAR team.

Using the American Gift to Empower People More

Jesse’s family immigrated from Nigeria in the 80s, and he has taken their American Gift and turned it into a vessel for creating opportunities for others. His platform is all about helping minorities see themselves represented in the sport, where there are only 2 other black drivers, as well as creating a space for those transitioning out of the military and looking for a potential new career field. He serves as an ambassador for these two communities and stands as a true example of leadership, honor, integrity, and commitment.

When we announced our partnership in December of 2021, Jesse said, “2022 is going to be the year for all those who were told they can’t- It’s the year that dreams turn to reality.” EPM is aligned with that sentiment and is dedicated to supporting Jesse in his pursuit of empowering communities and leading the way for others.

A Promising Collaboration

We have a history of partnering with celebrity influencers who represent the best of EPM’s mission and vision, and this relationship will continue that tradition of continuing to lift others up! NASCAR fans, keep an eye out for Jesse and his #34 Chevy Camaro. The team at EPM looks forward to this partnership as we shine a light on our combined mission to empower others. We look forward to showing that, together, we can achieve anything when we unify through collaboration.